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BJ-55One of the most common questions I get is “Where is a good place for our Engagement Shoot?”  Luckily there are many different great locations to shoot.

  1. At a park.  Most communities have a park nearby.  Finding a park with a lot of trees or bushes helps to eliminate buildings and/or cars in the background of your shots.
  2. At the beach.  Santa Monica pier is a great beach for fun photos on the pier.  Laguna Beach has some awesome spots for photos among the rocky tide pools.  Planning your beach shoot on a day and time that isn’t overly crowded will help.
  3. In the mountains.  There are many great places for photos in the San Bernardino mountains.  Crestline & Lake Arrowhead areas have many beautiful locations.
  4. Downtown.  Shooting downtown amongst the buildings and traffic can add a dramatic element to your photos.  There are many classic old buildings to include in the background of your photos as well.

Laguna-144      Christina Peter-25

Use the map below to explore some of my personal favorite shoot locations.