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Location Ideas for your Engagement Shoot

BJ-55One of the most common questions I get is “Where is a good place for our Engagement Shoot?”  Luckily there are many different great locations to shoot.

  1. At a park.  Most communities have a park nearby.  Finding a park with a lot of trees or bushes helps to eliminate buildings and/or cars in the background of your shots.
  2. At the beach.  Santa Monica pier is a great beach for fun photos on the pier.  Laguna Beach has some awesome spots for photos among the rocky tide pools.  Planning your beach shoot on a day and time that isn’t overly crowded will help.
  3. In the mountains.  There are many great places for photos in the San Bernardino mountains.  Crestline & Lake Arrowhead areas have many beautiful locations.
  4. Downtown.  Shooting downtown amongst the buildings and traffic can add a dramatic element to your photos.  There are many classic old buildings to include in the background of your photos as well.

Laguna-144      Christina Peter-25

Use the map below to explore some of my personal favorite shoot locations.

Updated Website

DacyMedia-374I just updated the Temple Wedding Photo website.  My goal was to create a clean, easy to navigate informational site that clearly shows what I can offer to our visitors.  Hopefully the site accomplishes that goal.  Let me know what you think.

I’ve been shooting wedding photos and video since 2004.  In that time I’ve shot hundreds of people’s weddings and each time I think of my own wedding back in 1994.  Amy & I were married in the Los Angeles Temple.  For each wedding I shoot, I want to create the images that I would want of my own wedding.

Thanks for checking out our site and we hope you like what you see.